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Come Home LeBron campaign now underway in Ohio

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The power of social media in full display with a grassroots campaign to bring LeBron James back to Ohio.

Now that the NBA season has officially come to a close, all that is left for basketball fans is to contemplate what the offseason will bring.

Miami HEAT fans are certainly in for a thrilling summer with the possibility of the Big 3 returning to the Magic City or sending shockwaves with a separation. (The latter being highly unlikely of course.)

Meanwhile, one group in Ohio is doing what they can to show LeBron James that he is welcomed back with open arms (should he want to return to a city the burned his jersey).

From displaying signs in malls and billboards, to seeking out sponsorship to help fund their campaign, Come Home LeBron is throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks in LeBron', wall - so to speak.

Their reasons why LeBron James will come back? They believe LeBron wants to win a championship in Cleveland and well, why not? But the truth is that LeBron has made it very clear that he is happy in Miami and is quite fond of the Heat organization and speaking in terms of "family" and "brotherhood"; something he was seeking while in Cleveland.

Sure it's not impossible to think that LeBron would return to Cleveland, but with all the critics and media against him, why would he go elsewhere? Miami has supported the King from his decision day up to Game 5 of the 2014 NBA Finals. He's surrounded with players that have been longtime friends and legends in their own right, with a big opportunity this summer to upgrade the roster.

Miami is fun, warm and downright beautiful. Sounds like a sweet deal to us.

For a complete run through on the Come Home LeBron campaign, check out their website.