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LeBron James and wife Savannah three-peat at home, expecting baby girl

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Pat Riley makes it official: LeBron has three-peated at home. Baby #3 is on the way.

Make room for baby!
Make room for baby!

In his Thursday afternoon press conference, Pat Riley announced that LeBron and Savannah James are expecting a baby!  A three-peat of sorts.  And this time, it's a girl!

Riley broke the news in his end of season meeting with reporters where he said, "Savannah now is going to have a little baby girl to join her in the fight against the two boys and LeBron, which she needs."

The couple got married last year and have been together since high school. Bronnie and Bryce have been featured in numerous social media posts as well as James' Samsung commercial which gives a fun look at James' family life.

But what's the 6‘8" NBA superstar really like at home with a baby? In this throwback video from NBA TV we get a glimpse of what LeBron is really like with the wee little ones. (Coincidentally, the setting is the 2007 NBA Finals when Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs swept the Cleveland Cavaliers.) 

"I tell Savannah, if it wasn't for them I'd probably go crazy a couple more times a year," he says. Interviewed alone, Savannah tears up when she shares what a great father he is. Looks like Daddy's little girl is in for a treat.