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Shane Battier to join ESPN as an analyst

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Shane Battier set to join ESPN as an analyst next season.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

If Heat fans were still clinging to any hope of Shane Battier sticking with Miami for another season, today that hope was further crushed with The Big Lead reporting that Battier will join ESPN as a college basketball commentator.

Battier spoke a few months ago about his certainty of retirement and given his history in previous public speaking and his eloquent flow on the microphone, any other post basketball career wouldn't have done his poise and knowledge for the game justice.

Battier attended Duke University previous to his 13 years in the NBA and while it's not yet confirmed if he'll be used as an in studio analyst or a sideline commentator, we can be rest assured this is only the beginning of a successful post career. After having recently turned down an offer by Michigan Democratic Party who reached out to him for a possible Senate bid, Battier is set to for a career in the media that'll only replicate his time on the court -- triumphant.