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Florida Senator Marco Rubio: "LeBron is coming back" to Miami

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The politician appears confident the best basketball player in the world will continue to reside in South Florida.

A few days ago, TMZ Sports caught up with Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is convinced that LeBron James is coming back to the Miami Heat, but isn't so sure about the rest of the team.

The rising GOP star and possible presidential nominee was initially reluctant to talk about the Heat after their loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the 2014 NBA Finals but he also gave his thoughts on Dwyane Wade and how the Heat should structure their roster to give proper support for LeBron.

While he doesn't believe humans have done anything to cause global warming, he does think Miami is a great destination for free agents not only because Florida has no income tax but also because the Heat are the "best basketball organization in the NBA".