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LeBron James breaks Instagram silence; gives shout out to friends back home in Akron

A big day in LeBron James news continues with the King adding two new posts on Instagram.

Alex Trautwig

LeBron James continues to stir the social media pot with his newest Instagram postings.

James has been silent for a long time on the social media outlet, but broke the silence Wednesday when he shared photos and a video of some of his old friends from back in Ohio. This will certainly create hysteria among the media, but let us focus on what LeBron writes: "can't wait to get back home for the summer". Akron has always been the James' destination for the offseason, so no need to panic Heat Nation.

Who knows, maybe after his meeting earlier in the day with close teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, he wanted to reminisce on how important it is to stay united with your fellow court warriors.