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Haslem opts out of Heat contract, frees up cap space for Riley

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UD will likely stay in the 305 once again at a discount, and it looks like he's not the only one...

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Bleacher Report's Ethan Skolnick is reporting that Udonis Haslem will indeed opt out of his current Miami Heat contract that had a player option for $4.62 million next season.

Haslem had already said he would consider returning to the Heat for a longer deal that could free up valuable cap space for Heat president Pat Riley to work with. Skolnick reasons Haslem could "take 3 years for $8-9M to clear another $1.5-1.9M in space" for this summer.

"It's something I would sit down and talk about with my family and Hank [agent Henry Thomas]," Haslem told the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson back in June about renegotiating, not long after turning 34.

Indeed, all of this (including LeBron opting out) seems going according to plan by the one with the slicked back hair...