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LeBron won't meet with other teams, will decide with family

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After meeting with Heat executives Pat Riley and Andy Elisburg with no formal contract agreement, it's been widely reported that LeBron will talk with his family to make a final decision.

Alex Trautwig

Following the inane hoopla that has largely reduced NBA journalism into some low rent TMZ knockoff, we received some real news that LeBron James and his agent Rich Paul met with Heat president Pat Riley and GM/salary cap maestro Andy Elisburg at around 3:00 PM PDT. The meeting lasted approximately an hour.

According to CBS Sports Ken Berger, the meeting did not include LeBron requesting a shorter maximum deal that would allow him to opt out sooner. What will happen next is LeBron simply taking in everything he's heard from Miami and weigh his options. Miami can offer a maximum 5 year deal, paying $119 million dollars. Other teams can only offer 4 years at less money.

It would then appear that, by not meeting with any other teams, LeBron is basically deciding between Miami and Cleveland, though it does appear odd he wouldn't want to meet with Cleveland's new brass before making such a monumental decision.

Beyond that you'll get no speculation from me. We simply don't have much information right now. If the masses want to parse through vague Instagram posts of LeBron's teammates and friends, let them be.

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