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Dwyane Wade pays a visit to LeBron James at skills camp in Las Vegas

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In the midst of rumors, speculation and much anticipation, Twitter erupted when Dwyane Wade paid a visit to LeBron in Las Vegas.

Victor Oquendo

Dwyane Wade visited LeBron James this afternoon in Las Vegas while LeBron attended his Skills Academy camp. Although much information is not known, some tidbits have been released leading many to speculate.

While we await the final decision, this is what we're left to comb over to pass the time. There is still no word on any sort of timeline, though all that's known is that LeBron will leave directly from Las Vegas to Brazil for the final championship game of the 2014 World Cup.

If LeBron indeed has made his decision, then Wade seems curiously chummy with someone that won't be playing with him and has likely cost him millions for opting out.

Meanwhile, Chris Bosh has touched down in Ghana earlier in the day and here he can be seen hanging out with penguins in Dubai on his wife Adrienne's Instagram page.