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Planes, Trains and Insanity on The Phil Naessens Show

So…nothing’s really happened, not yet anyway. But that’s part of the wild ride that is the NBA free agency period. We discuss the latest rumors, make our predictions and sit back and enjoy it while we can.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In less than a week, fans have followed everything from private planes to moving cars, and some (near Cleveland, of course) have wasted their time sitting outside the empty house of LeBron James. How do you sort through the noise? Well, you can listen in to the Phil Naessens Show!

Among the topics discussed were:

1) The latest rumors/speculation - it'll be more than 90% interesting

2) Where do the "Big 3" wind up?

3) What can fans make of the agreements with Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger? How do they fit?

4) And how fill fans react if the unthinkable happens and LeBron James returns to Cleveland?

Listen in as Phil talks about your Miami Heat with David Ramil, discusses the San Antonio Spurs with J.R. Wilco (of Pounding the Rock) and get the latest news about the Oklahoma City Thunder with J.A. Sherman (of Welcome to Loud City).

For the direct link to the show, click here.