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Should Riley move quickly and make max offer to Carmelo Anthony?

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In order for the Heat to stay relevant in the East, the Heat must make the move now.

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Now is not the time to whine and write angry letters in silly fonts, Miami Heat owner Micky Arison and Pat Riley must roll up their sleeves and face an old rival for the rights to the last available superstar free agent that is attainable.

The Heat should make a max offer immediately to sign Carmelo Anthony away from New York Knicks president Phil Jackson and acquire the services of the 7-time All-Star.

While he is no LeBron James, and no one is obviously, Anthony could be convinced to leave the Knicks to play for the Heat if he believes Pat Riley can get him farther in the playoffs than what New York has to offer. That shouldn't be too hard. Without a star player joining the Heat, Chris Bosh may indeed choose to sign with the Rockets instead of stay with an underwhelming Heat roster. They may not be better than with LeBron, but they could have a chance in the wide-open East. Remember, same draft class, same Olympics and All-Star experiences with the rest of the "Big 3 - 2.0".

Plugging Anthony into a system could do wonders for the star who has never gone far into the playoffs and could be presented with a scenario featuring many of the key points that worked to sway LeBron from leaving Cleveland four years ago, plus the four straight trips to the NBA Finals. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra could yet extract the best of his game and work to minimize his weaknesses.

A motivated Anthony would want to prove himself versus his old friend, and so would a (hopefully) healthy Dwyane Wade and Bosh.

Look, options are dwindling by the day and does anyone think Eric Bledsoe (a restricted agent), Greg Monroe, or (gulp) Lance Stephenson (the next free agents down the list that may or may not be available) are really going to help put the Heat back on top immediately in the East? For that Riley and Arison might as well field a young, rebuilding roster and take their chances next summer with their cap room.

Yes, the Knicks can offer an extra year but as well as know, stars want flexibility and so a shorter contract with the Heat may be desirable for Anthony. Putting aside his game, the Heat at the very least get a marketable star that can always be used as a trade piece down the road should the union not prove to be desirable for either party. It makes them relevant where there is nothing but uncertainty now, a scenario no one thought possible after securing back-to-back titles last year.

Quite frankly, it hasn't been a good experience for Carmelo in New York and he may want to take his talents to an organization nothing like the circus with the Knicks, a proven franchise for many years in one aspect: losing.

What do you think Pat Riley and the Heat should do now with the roster? Could Bosh be convinced to stay anyway? Have your say below.