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Heat in 'hot pursuit' of Luol Deng

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The Miami Heat spoke with Deng's representatives after LeBron James announced his intention to sign with the Cavaliers.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Pat Riley's statement after LeBron James announced his decision to join the Cleveland Cavaliers leaves little doubt that he stands undeterred and wants the Heat to remain in title contention. Multiple reports have linked the Miami Heat to Luol Deng.

The Lakers' recent moves to re-sign Nick Young and Jordan Hill likely take them out of contention for Deng. And Dwyane Wade may be working with the Heat front office to make sure the team will have enough salary cap space to sign the small forward.

Bosh, Wade and Deng is much worse than Bosh, Wade and James. But James' move to the Cavs leaves the East wide open -- especially if Carmelo Anthony re-signs with the Knicks. We should know a lot more in the next 72 hours.