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Report: Chalmers, Heat working on a deal

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The AP's Tim Reynolds reported that the Heat and Mario Chalmers are working on a deal to bring the point guard back to Miami.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When the Miami Heat drafted Shabazz Napier less than a month ago, it looked like the writing on the wall that Mario Chalmers time in Miami was limited. With Norris Cole on board, and Napier a favorite of LeBron James, it only made sense.

Well, now LeBron James is gone.

And we don't expect Napier or Cole to go anywhere, but Miami has a different approach to its roster, in need of some stability in what will likely be a lot of changes. When Chris Bosh re-upped to stay with the Heat for 5 years, $118 million, it was clear that Pat Riley isn't throwing in the towel. He is still wanting to contend.

So now, instead of relying on Norris Cole and a rookie in Shabazz Napier, it looks as though the Heat could be bringing back Chalmers to run the point again.

AP's Tim Reynolds reported it first, although without many details.

The contract price and length are unknown. What we do know is Chalmers would send Napier to a third string and lose any hope of him taking the reigns right away. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially with how Napier has looked in the Summer League.

Chalmers plays really well alongside Chris Bosh, they have a great chemistry, and he has played alongside of Dwyane Wade for his entire career. Wade is expected to resign as well.

Nothing is official or a done deal, but it seems as though both sides are looking to make it happen.