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Report: 'Strong possibility' Heat sign Loul Deng

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The Heat are offering Deng a two-year deal that would pay the small forward $10 million per year.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple reports linked the Miami Heat to Luol Deng Saturday evening.

This deal for Luol Deng may show the contours of a post-LeBron Miami Heat team, especially with news that Miami is looking to re-sign point guard Mario Chalmers. Deng -- should he sign with the Heat -- would join Chalmers, Dwyane Wade and perhaps Josh McRoberts and Chris Bosh in a starting lineup. Norris Cole, Shabazz Napier, Danny Granger, James Ennis and Udonis Haslem would come off the bench. On paper, that team can stand as a playoff contending team -- the Toronto Raptors secured the third-best record in the East last year, after all. A two-year deal for Deng at $10 million is a modest payment for a solid two-way player that gives Miami flexibility for future moves.