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Shabazz Napier unfollows LeBron James on Twitter

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An amusing side note in the aftermath of Decision: Part Deux

Ronald Martinez

LeBron James was clearly enamored with UConn player Shabazz Napier during the young point guard's NCAA championship run earlier this year and the feeling was mutual.

Then the Miami Heat went out of their way to trade for him in the 2014 NBA Draft and the results pleased LeBron.

Napier got word of the tweet almost immediately and responded back.

"My agent just told me that he tweeted something about me just now," he said. "It's just something special to know that one of the best players in the world thinks about you and appreciates you for your talent."

"I don't know if I'm bringing him back [to Miami]," Napier said. "I would love it. Me and LeBron's relationship, he's a great guy. I've been to his camps. Me and him chatted a few times at his camps. He's just a special thing."

But now after the Decision, since we all now know that LeBron James has no more use for the Miami Heat, it's clear that Napier now has no use for LeBron as he not only deleted all tweets to the former Heat player but he has also unfollowed him on Twitter.

A motivated Napier this season can only mean good things for the Heat. While he won't be getting any updates on the latest from LeBron, one of the 20 accounts he does follow is the Heat's official Twitter page and that's all that matters.