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Chris Bosh tour in Africa is more than just a vacation

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The Bosh Family World Tour 2014 includes quality family time, wild animal adventures and meaningful service to others. What better way to build a foundation for greatness in the new season?

NBA Africa

While "Merica" stresses out over free agency changes and speculation over who, what, when, why and how, Miami Heat star Chris Bosh is not only enjoying a family vacation in multiple countries, he is most certainly getting recharged for the new season. And that little light of his, Mrs Adrienne Bosh, is shining right alongside him as they explore the world "through the eyes of a two year old," riding elephants and hugging penguins. (Stand-down, PETA.)

While in Ghana, Bosh was "head tutor" of the 2014 Sprite Ball Basketball Clinic where, along with a delegation from NBA Africa, Bosh enjoyed a special opportunity to teach and share his experiences with players and fans in Ghana. The visit was possible by a collaborative effort with Coca-Cola, NBA Africa and the Ghana Basketball Association.

In speaking to the young players Bosh said Ghana can excel in basketball and he encouraged, "Don’t ever be afraid of your dreams."


The Boshes also visited Hoops Care, a non-profit in Ghana, creating opportunities for youth through basketball and education. They spoke to and took pictures with many young players as well as the wheelchair basketball league, then went on to distribute education materials to many of the kids.

Adrienne Bosh visited the Wesley Girls School where they spoke about the importance of developing sports for girls. Spreading love and light, Mrs Bosh gave interviews and shared #TodayICan wristbands with her new friends.


In the classic "Out of Africa," Karen Blixen said, "We must leave our mark on life while we have it in our power."  The Bosh Family World Tour 2014 has proven to be more than a sight-seeing pleasure trip. The Boshes have gone out into the world to have fun and leave their mark of love and light. And you can bet, that little light of his will be shining even brighter come game time.




(Photos: NBA Africa, Buoniconti Fund, April Belle Photos.)