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James Jones leaves Miami for the Cavs

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James Jones was barely used by the Heat during Miami's championship runs, and has decided to follow LeBron James and former Heatle Mike Miller to Cleveland.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

A day after we learned that previously amnestied Mike Miller would be playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers next season, while still being paid by Micky Arison and the Miami Heat, we learn that another Heat player is joining LeBron James in Cleveland.

James Jones today agreed to a one year deal with the Cavs.

Jones didn't find himself used very much, probably not enough to the likes of LeBron James, and he has decided to be the veteran voice of a new locker room. Jones is a native of South Florida and has been with the Heat for the past six seasons.

Last year he shot a career best 45% FG and 51% 3PT, but only played in 20 games.