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Venting About LeBron on The Phil Naessens Show

The Heat begin a new era of basketball in Miami, one that has the fans excited and ready to move on. But, before we do, we take a look back at the past week including LeBron, the aftermath and Pat Riley’s retooling efforts.

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The nation seems to be swept up in the news of LeBron James returning to Cleveland, the "feel good" story of the summer. Well, Phil Naessens isn't buying it. Phil isn't a Heat fan, but his perspective is a must-listen, as he talks about James' contrived letter and the potential deception that may have been in the works for years.

Among the topics discussed were:

1) LeBron's announcement and the immediate impact

2) Was there deception involved? Do you buy the whole narrative of "coming home?"

3) How do you look at the moves Pat Riley has made and how do you see next season shaping up?

Listen in as Phil talks about your Miami Heat with David Ramil, discusses the San Antonio Spurs with J.R. Wilco (of Pounding the Rock) and get the latest news about the Oklahoma City Thunder with J.A. Sherman (of Welcome to Loud City).

For the direct link to the show, click here.