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HHH Google Hangout: Discussing LeBron's decision and the aftermath

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Join us as we dissect the past few days for the Heat as they swiftly put together a solid team that can compete in the East after the departure of LeBron James.

The Hot Hot Hoops writing crew of Surya Fernandez, David Ramil, Diego Quezada and Matt Pineda join this hourlong discussion about the Heat's future without LeBron James.

Topics discussed include:

1) What was your reaction to LeBron's departure?

2) Do you think Chris Bosh can be the No. 1 option? How far can the Heat go?

3) Thoughts on additions of Luol Deng, Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts?

4) Who else do you think Miami should add to fill out the roster?

5) The Heat are trying to keep the books clean for 2016, with LeBron James and Kevin Durant, among others, standing as two free agents then. We analyze Riley's moves to keep players like Dwyane Wade and Luol Deng on two-year contracts to maintain roster flexibility.