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James Jones: "You need to move to grow"

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James Jones spoke with 790 the Ticket's Jonathan Zaslow and Joy Taylor on Friday morning, here's what he had to say.

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LeBron James leaving was a surprise, but maybe more of a surprise was that Miami's own James Jones is leaving with him. Jones, a native of South Florida, and a member of the Miami Heat for the past 6 years chose to go to Cleveland with LeBron James.

James joined 790 the Ticket in the morning to talk about his decision with Joy Taylor and Jonathan Zaslow.

James said that he only cheers for two teams in the NBA: the one he plays for and the Miami Heat. He insisted, he isn't leaving Miami, he just isn't playing for the Heat anymore. "I'm a Miami guy, it was difficult leaving," he said.

It maks me sad to leave the Heat family. -James Jones

He claimed that the idea of playing with LeBron James and Mike Miller was the lure to get him there. But he also claimed that if he had more playing time over the last few years, he would have been more likely to stay. That's sad, because we wanted to see Jones play more also, but it wasn't in the plans.

Jones played behind Shane Battier, Mike Miller and LeBron James. Jones signed a 1-year deal with Cleveland earlier this week. He said sometimes, "you need to move to grow." And that's exactly what he is doing. Jones sounded very humble, and hoping that Miami would understand his decision.

In Cleveland, he will still be behind LeBron and Mike Miller, and will also have to find time over Andrew Wiggins, the Cavs #1 pick, Anthony Bennet, and Dion Waitors to name a few. We will see how much playing time James Jones actually gets.

You can listen to the entire interview HERE

Jones claimed there was no truth to the idea that the vacation to the Bahamas that included his family, LeBron's and Ray Allen's family was any type of plot to join forces in Cleveland. Even if it was true, I don't think he would tell us, but he seemed pretty sincere that it was not the case.