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Ray Allen dressed as a Chinese archer on a TV show during Nike promo trip

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The veteran hasn't decided whether to return with the Miami Heat or any other NBA team yet, but he's keeping himself busy with the ancient sport of archery.

Basketball Pinnacle

As the legendary sharpshooter contemplates life after NBA, he's busy on a Nike promotional summer tour that has taken him through various parts of China.

While his travels have been well documented on his Instagram page, including celebrating his birthday with several cakes, his trip took a rather bizarre twist when he was the only person in the room NOT wearing a Ray Allen NBA jersey and instead was wearing a Chinese archery uniform, complete with bow and arrow, to attempt to hit an apple placed on top of a basketball.

While we may never fully understand the cultural significance of making a visiting NBA star participate in this activity,soon we'll find out whether he'll be once again be wearing a jersey with his name on it and shooting a basketball instead of an arrow.

(H/T to The Big Lead, also for the GIF)

Here's the original video, with the archery segment beginning around the 25:00 mark.