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Heat newcomers take old jersey numbers

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No one took LeBron's No. 6, but will that happen in a few years?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The recent announcement that jerseys for Heat newcomers Luol Deng, Danny Granger and James Ennis came with some interesting news regarding the numbers those players will wear this year.

Deng, who will likely start at small forward, will wear the No. 9 that Rashard Lewis wore last year. Lewis emerged as a postseason surprise last spring, but will have surgery before playing again. Granger will wear No. 22, most recently worn by Miami native James Jones, who had played for the Heat for the past six seasons before joining LeBron James in Cleveland this summer.

And 2013 second-round pick and 2014 summer league standout Ennis will sport No. 32. Shaquille O'Neal wore that number, and no Heat player wore that number until 2012 -- four years after O'Neal's trade to the Phoenix Suns. After Shaq's retirement in 2011, some thought that Pat Riley should have retired his number. We'll have to wait and see if Riley will do the same for LeBron James' No. 6.