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Wade and Union wedding invitations revealed

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The wedding invitations are out and with clear instructions on what guests are encouraged NOT to do.

TMZ Sports

The wedding of Dwyane Wade and long time girlfriend Gabrielle Union is quickly approaching; August 30th to be exact.

Invitations to the swanky event were sent out to guests, made out of wood, and the hosts were very explicit in stating what their wishes are. Guests are being asked to leave behind their phones and other video recording devices to protect the privacy of all attending the wedding. High security will be in place it seems and guests will be shuttled to the location of the wedding, another level of added security.


The wedding will take place in South Florida (as indicated, wherever it is it's almost an hour away from South Beach). Chris Bosh is rumored to be invited as well as their ex-teammate LeBron James, but will he return to now enemy territory for his good friend?

Images courtesy of TMZ Sports