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Heat interested in Morrow, other realistic targets

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Both Marc Stein and Ethan Skolnick said the Heat are looking at free agent targets who won't command that much money.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

ESPN's Marc Stein tweeted earlier today that the Miami Heat are interested in acquiring 3-point specialist Anthony Morrow. Bleacher Report's Ethan Skolnick confirmed the report, saying that Morrow also has interest in Miami. But Stein and Skolnick both reported something that may even be more important than Miami's interest in Morrow.

"Smaller deals" and "realistic targets" signal that the Heat won't add another player who will command a lot of money in a market that has already seen Jodie Meeks, Avery Bradley, Ben Gordon and Darren Collison secure generous contracts. Perhaps players like Luol Deng and Trevor Ariza may also be out of Miami's price range. The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson tweeted that the Heat have reached out to Marvin Williams, a free agent who commands less money than Deng or Ariza.

Morrow is nonetheless an intriguing player. He played for Miami's summer league team and established himself as a great 3-point shooter, and he could be groomed as Ray Allen's eventual replacement if Allen stays for one more year. Like Allen, though, Morrow is not a good defender. That's why he won't command as much as Deng or Ariza can. Williams has recently become a better 3-point shooter, but never lived up to his expectations as a No. 2 pick (in fairness, he's not Michael Beasley, either).

Older players like Shane Battier and Ray Allen typically take cheap contracts, not 28- or 29-year-olds who still have one more long contract left in the NBA. But the Heat can still improve their roster with their "realistic targets." The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Chicago Bulls will amnesty Carlos Boozer. It would make much more sense for the Heat to bid on Boozer with any available salary cap space after signing the Big 3 and others rather than chase Pau Gasol in free agency, a player who will cost much more.