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Riley, Spo meet with Luol Deng

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This meeting came on the heels of reports that Chris Bosh may join LeBron James and look for outside offers for a max contract.

Mike Ehrmann

Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra met with free agent small forward Luol Deng today in Chicago, according to multiple reports. This meeting came at a time in which more people are questioning whether LeBron James and now even Chris Bosh will return to the Miami Heat. Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted earlier today that Bosh's representatives have made recent calls to confirm that teams will offer him a max contract and were told yes. But David Aldridge tweeted that Bosh has no plans for meetings with other teams.

Additionally, Wojnarowski said that free agents meeting with the Heat have thus far not gotten concrete numbers on offers considering Riley does not have precise figures on Bosh and Dwyane Wade's new deals. And that may be the sticking point with Deng.

As I said before, we'll just have to read these tweets until free agents decide in a matter of days what they want to do. Remember when ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported that Bosh and Wade were ready to accept massive pay cuts just three days ago? Or what about when Wade was considering going to the Chicago Bulls four years ago? We should all know more by the end of next week, and Deng and Riley will meet again, for what it's worth. There's no point to get worried now, when everything is all speculation at best.