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Report: Josh McRoberts verbally commits to join the Miami Heat

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The Heat got their first piece of the puzzle to fall in place as free agent F Josh McRoberts spurned the Hornets offer, and will come to South Florida.

Mike Ehrmann

Josh McRoberts may not be the prize of the free agency class, but he is the first commitment to join the Miami Heat in the 7 days of free agency since July 1.

ESPN first reported that McRoberts has agreed to a deal of 4 year and $23 million with the Heat, including an opt-out after the 3rd year. McRoberts will receive either the full Mid-Level Exception (MLE), or a deal close to it, depending on how the Heat choose to spend their money.

McRoberts is a 6'10, 240 lbs PF from the Charlotte Hornets, of whom he turned down an identical offer to join the Heat. Last year, he averaged 8.5 PPG and shot 36% from three.

There's more to come from Hot Hot Hoops about how McRoberts will help the Heat, and if this will help keep LeBron James in Miami.

Stay tuned.