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Heat to sign Danny Granger to two-year, $4.2 million deal

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Despite clashing with LeBron James in the past, the Heat have signed former Pacers' superstar Danny Granger to a two year 4.2 million dollar deal.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Less than twenty minutes after signing Josh McRoberts, Miami has signed former Pacers' superstar Danny Granger. Despite being quiet for so long it seems Pat Riley's plans are coming to fruition. Woj was the first to report it delivered a signature "Woj Bomb" explaining:

It's important to note that thus far, Miami has used their mid-level exception of McRoberts, and theur bi-annual exception on Granger.

Personally, I think this a very good pickup by Miami. Granger was a star in Indianapolis, and despite clashing with the Heat in the past is currently a very solid player. Hie was decent with the Clippers in the post-season and proved that with a steady supply  of minutes he can still get the job done. Granger is an accomplished catch and shoot player, who is deadly from downtown and can also defend on an elite level.

This is a very low risk signing by Miami, even with Granger's injury ridden past. With Miami struggling from downtown last season, Granger acts as another option from beyond the arc. Granger also has a surplus of postseason experience that will prove beneficial to the Heat (Over the course of his career Granger has played in a total of 24 playoff games, starting 19.) While Miami, hasn't signed LeBron yet, it seems as if the dominoes are falling and Granger could very well be a great pickup when it comes to retaining "The King".