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The latest LeBron James free agency news out of Las Vegas

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Here's a quick rundown of the latest news circulating LeBron James and what the elusive MVP has been up to while we await his decision.

Andy Lyons
Dinner between LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in Las Vegas:

Many sources have confirmed a dinner between the two Monday night in Las Vegas before heading out to a nightclub. Take it as a sign of the two finalizing a plan of attack to reunite or simply a get together between two friends. Either way, Twitter was all over it and why not?

For those into reading the tea leaves, LeBron and Wade also worked out today:

Meeting between LeBron James and Pat Riley:

Another big storyline this morning was that Pat Riley and LeBron James could very well be meeting as early as Tuesday. Putting a few pieces together, it is perhaps safe to say that A) Dwyane Wade will also probably meet with Riley at some point seeing that he is in Vegas as well and B) Would Riley waste his time traveling to Vegas if LeBron was still undecided or out of the Miami Heat picture?


Carmelo waiting for LeBron?:

Then there is the speculation revolving with Carmelo Anthony and his "pause" on revealing what team he will sign with. It was understood that he would make his decision known by Monday, but now there appears to be a bit of uneasiness among the teams that had a strong hold on the player.