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Coach Spoelstra in Miami, NOT in Las Vegas for LeBron meeting...yet

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Don't want to burst the social media bubble, but Spoelstra looks in no rush to join meeting.

Coach Erik Spoelstra in Coconut Grove
Coach Erik Spoelstra in Coconut Grove
Hayley Byrnes

Our very own writer Hayley Brynes captured Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra having breakfast Wednesday morning in Coconut Grove:

Meanwhile, ESPN reporter Chris Broussard has Spoelstra attending today's elusive meeting between Pat Riley and LeBron James in Las Vegas:

One thing has become clear during Free Agency 2014, everyone has an agenda and no one can know for certain the decisions that will be made until, well, they've been made.

Now this doesn't mean that Spoelstra can't immediately get on a plane, fly over to Las Vegas, dust off a power suit and rush to the Pat Riley and LeBron James meeting in the afternoon. Of course, Twitter was abuzz yesterday that the meeting was taking place within hours, only for it be revealed LeBron was actually taking a meeting with Nike instead (and no, it wasn't to place orders for Cleveland billboards).

Whether or not Spo makes it on time, it seems like full trust has been placed in Riley and that should be more than enough to ease to worried minds of Heat fans all around. We hope!