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Coming Soon: In the Paint – The Wade Collection 2014

Billi Kid, the artist who brought the Art of Basketball to Miami during Art Basel is at it again, this time with the Heat's own Dwyane Wade.

BilliKidBrand, Instagram

Billi Kid and the Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade are up to something pretty special.

Kid, a contemporary urban artist teamed up with Wade last week for the production of In the Paint – The Wade Collection 2014.

In collaboration with Public Works Department, Kid and company setup shop at Brisky Gallery in Miami’s Wynwood Art District for a two-hour session that involved hardwood floors, basketballs, shoes, and plenty of paint.

The collection will feature original artwork created on the most unique canvas imaginable – the hardwood of the 2011 NBA All-Star Game (yes, the actual floor of an NBA basketball court) – with Wade himself putting the paint on the canvas the only way he knows how, with a basketball.

Take a look…

Kid and PWD are no strangers to Miami or the NBA. In 2012, they brought their Art of Basketball exhibit to town during Art Basel. The collection included unique works licensed by the NBA on official backboards and hardwood floors featuring the works of Kid and other leading graffiti and street artists.

We’ll be sure to have a follow-up to Billi’s amazing work when it’s complete.

To learn more about Billi Kid, check out his website or visit to learn more about the Art of Basketball collection.