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SB Nation NBA Theme Day: Time traveling 12 months with Heat mascot Burnie

Our loveable mascot Burnie got his hands on a flying DeLorean and we've gone 12 months into the future. Predicitions have been made, how will they pan out?


Good news Heat Nation!

Burnie, our loveable mascot has come into possession of a time traveling DeLorean on the occasion of SB Nation's Theme Day and brought us twelve months into the future. He’s also been kind enough to share with me the fact that he knows what will happen to the Heat in 12 months time through the use of a sports almanac. He literally holds our fate in his hands, but he’s making me speculate (as if the offseason wasn’t hard enough).

Well here goes nothing…GREAT SCOTT!!

The offseason of 2015 will once again be entertaining despite lacking a high profile candidate like LeBron James. While August will of course be a harrowing month of boredom with media personnel scraping for relevant information (me included), Heat fans should rejoice as Miami’s retooling worked out better than expected. Or I at least hope it did.

In a medium where analytics play a major role, it’s hard to rely on the "gut" feeling that resonates within all sports fans. The gut feeling is a mix of hope, worry, and fact (even if "fact" plays a very minor role). Throughout my sports watching career, I’ve had said feeling very few times I had in 2006, 2012, and 2013 in the commercial break before Jesus Shuttlesworth got his hands on the basketball. That’s not to say I have a supernatural ability. I’ve had the same feeling for my hometown Montreal Canadiens in this year’s playoffs and those of you who watch hockey know what happened there. Regardless, I have a great feeling about this year’s team and in 12 months I know we’ll be celebrating a great season.

If you haven’t checked out our roster lately, I urge you to do so. Although most analysts doubt our team sans LeBron James (everybody except Skip Bayless. "Thanks Skip!"), Miami’s 2014-2015 roster will be very fun. The addition of Luol Deng is super underrated. While he’s not LeBron, Deng brings dedication, work ethic and heart to the table along with uncanny defensive awareness and solid playmaking ability. Josh McRoberts is also overlooked which surprises me. He’s improved every season he’s been in the league as made evident but his 47% 3 point shooting in the playoffs. McBob is also a high flyer, and will no doubt put on a show alongside Birdman.

The addition of James Ennis should result in some ultra athletic highlight plays as well. Playing for the Perth Wildcats this season Ennis dominated with his superb athleticism and seems more than prepared to transition into NBA level of play.

Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade will deliver as always, and I expect a complete turnaround from Wade as a result of a clean offseason without a knee procedure. If Danny Granger can compete at a solid level Miami fans are in for a treat.

With our veteran talent, and skill I see Miami battling for the Eastern Conference crown once again and maybe even headed back to the Finals. Of course the future is unpredictable and Burnie won’t let me see that damn almanac. Hopefully I’ll be writing about our great 2015 season next August, and nobody from the future has stopped me from writing this, so I’m sure things turned out fine.