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Top 10 most intriguing, must see games of the Heat 14-15 season

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The Heat released the regular season NBA schedule this week, here's a look at the top ten most interesting and intriguing matchups of the year.

Mike Ehrmann

The NBA schedule was released on Wednesday night which immediately got us all excited about the season to come. With training camp around the corner next month, the season will be here before we know it. So we took the schedule and analyzed in a fans' perspective: what are the most intriguing games in the Heat's schedule?

There are plenty of them, and so grabbing the top ten should merit some discussion. Number 1 seems pretty unanimous, but the rest we should talk about. Make sure you give us your thoughts.

So here they are, the top ten games of the Miami Heat's 2014-15 NBA Schedule.

10: Raptors @ Heat, Nov 2
This is interesting because this will be the first back-to-back of the season for the Heat, at only the third game in. We may get a better idea of how the Heat are going to be managing Dwyane Wade this season in the first week. Will he play or will he sit? Oh, and the Raptors are a good team as well, probably the most underrated team in the Eastern Conference, they finished third last year and got some valuable playoff experience.

9: Clippers @ Heat, Nov 20
Who doesn't like to see Blake Griffin and Chris Paul? The Clippers are always an exciting team to watch. Welcoming them to South Florida when the Heat should still be fresh should make for a good matchup.

8: Wizards @ Heat, Oct 29
Opening night is exciting for every team in the NBA, and this will be true here. Heat fans are anxious to see how Luol Deng, Josh McRoberts, and Danny Granger fit into this rotation. We're also excited to see what the offense will look like without LeBron James. The Wizards are no pushover and will likely be a fierce battle to start the season.

7: Thunder @ Heat, Jan 20
Seeing Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook always makes a good ticket. Now, it won't be headlined as Durant vs LeBron, but rather Thunder vs Heat. Luol Deng will see if he can guard Durant, and the Heat will have to rely a lot more on excellence from Wade to beat a team as good as the Thunder.

6: Pacers @ Heat, Nov 12
Some familiar faces may be gone or misplaced, but there is plenty of animosity left between these two playoff rivals. Obviously Paul George won't be playing and Lance Stephenson is gone as well, but the battle between Roy Hibbert, David West, Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem will continue. Also, with Danny Granger now on the Heat, how does that change the equation, as he was a leader on that same team.

5: Heat @ Spurs, Feb 6
This will be the Heat's first visit back to San Antonio where they ended their season last year in the NBA Finals. The Spurs are bringing back pretty much the same Championship roster, while the Heat will look slightly different. How will the remaining Heat players respond to the atmosphere that crushed their dreams last year?

4: Heat @ Lakers, Jan 13
Dwyane Wade said that when LeBron joined the Heat in 2010, Kobe Bryant became his favorite player to play against. Last year, he didn't get that opportunity. This year, he will against both of them. Wade and Kobe have had some good battles in the past, and this one should be fun to watch. With Carlos Boozer in for the Lakers, and their rookie Julius Randle, both bruisers that could give the Heat trouble, this will be good TV.

3: Heat @ Cavaliers, Feb 11
There was plenty of hatred when the Heat visited the Cavaliers in 2010. What kind of reaction are they going to give Wade and Bosh when they return without the King? This is the perfect way to spice up the laziness of the February games of the season. It will also be the last game before the All-Star break. Where will both teams be at this point?

2: Bulls @ Heat, Dec 14
Derrick Rose is back and looking better than ever. With the Cavaliers and Bulls primed to be at the top of the Eastern Conference, the Heat can make a stand against the Bulls before Christmas. Luol Deng will get a stab at his former team, and the Bulls traded out Carlos Boozer for Pau Gasol, so how does that change the matchup? Bulls and Heat for the first time without LeBron should be a good matchup to watch.

1: Cavaliers @ Heat, Dec 25
This is clearly the circled date on the calendar for the Heat. Welcoming LeBron James back to Miami on Christmas day at 5pm, the whole world might be watching. This will be the first regular season game between the two teams, but they will play in the preseason. The Cavs will be bolstering a lineup with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love alongside LeBron. They'll also be bringing Mike Miller and James Jones with them, so it's a reunion of all sorts on the holiday. How will Miami welcome back LeBron: with cheers or boos? And who's going to win this game?

Tell us what you think! Do you agree? Did we misplace something or forget something? Chime in on the comments and leave your opinion.