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Toney Douglas will sign in China

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Toney Douglas has been reported to have a deal to play in China next season, and not return to the NBA.

Mike Ehrmann

Last year, Pat Riley ruffled some feathers when he decided to trade Joel Anthony and his longer contract and acquire guard Toney Douglas. Anthony had spent his entire career with the Miami Heat in the NBA, and Douglas now is apparently on his way to China for the next season.

Douglas was helpful to the Heat in regular season, filling in for often rested Dwyane Wade. Douglas found himself starting 17 out of his 27 games that he played for the Heat in the regular season, averaging 4.2 PPG. But he only appeared in 10 playoff games, never seeing more than 8 minutes.

It didn't seem the Heat ever had any intention of bringing Douglas back. Not that he was terrible, but he just didn't fill his role with excellence. Miami drafted Shabazz Napier to be another point guard in the rotation, Douglas' natural position. And they are going with younger players to back up Wade so far this time around.

We aren't really sure where Douglas will play or what kind of opt-out clause he would have for the NBA, but it appears his time with the Heat is over.

Douglas will sign with the Jiangsu Dragons in Nanjing for a 1-year, $1 million deal.