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Report: Leandro Barbosa and Miami Heat have mutual interest

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Leandro Barbosa is currently playing for Brazil in the FIBA World Cup, but reports are that the Heat and Barbosa have mutual interest in a deal.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that the Heat are out of cap space and roster space, but that doesn't mean they won't sign someone with an opportunity to make the team. Alex Kennedy has reported that the Miami Heat and Leandro Barbosa have mutual interest, and that we shouldn't be surprised if they reach an agreement.

Barbosa is a 31 year old, 11 year NBA veteran who has spent most of his career with the Phoenix Suns. He spent his first 7 years in Phoenix, and he played 20 games for them last year. In between, he spent time with Toronto, Indiana and Boston. Barbosa is currently playing for Brazil in the FIBA World Cup. He scored 13 points and had 4 assists in Brazil's loss to Team USA on Saturday night.

The interest between the Heat and Barbosa isn't surprising. The most glaring need for the Heat is still help in scoring behind Dwyane Wade. Behind him, the Heat have rookies Tyler Johnson and James Ennis as well as Reggie Williams. None of them scream: I'm the answer, although all have promise. Barbosa certainly isn't the perfect fit either, but he has a history of being able to score the ball.

Barbosa has seen better days, and certainly is on the back nine of his career. But if there is real interest here, it isn't surprising. Barbosa could really help the Heat's second unit with his ability and first step. He could be another piece to the puzzle of the Heat putting together a real contender in the Eastern Conference.

But, Barbosa would have to come on the minimum, and possibly even on a non-guaranteed deal. The way things have gone for him the last 12 months, the Heat may get him on that if they are really interested. If the Heat were to sign Barbosa, he would raise the roster to 17. The Heat are allowed to carry 20 players into training camp, which starts next month, but must have their roster reduced to a league maximum 15 players by opening night.

Here's a few highlights of one of Barbosa's better games from last season.