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Celebrate a major milestone on The Phil Naessens Show with Hot Hot Hoops

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Phil’s celebrating his 1,000th show and has included Hot Hot Hoops for this momentous occasion. We’ll look at how he puts the show together and answer questions about the Miami Heat provided by fans and listeners.

Mike Ehrmann

It's a slow time in the NBA off-season but there's still a lot to reflect on and to look forward to about the Miami Heat. Here's some of the topics we discuss on today's show.

1) Will LeBron James be booed when he returns to Miami?

2) Should LeBron have thanked the fans in Miami?

3) What's the future of Michael Beasley?

On this edition of the show, Welcome to Loud City Managing Editor J.A. Sherman joins Phil to discuss the future of both Kevin Durant and Kevin Love, David Ramil of Hot Hot Hoops and SLC Dunk Managing Editor Amar joins Phil to discuss the San Antonio Spurs decision to not allow Manu Ginobili to play for Team Argentina in the FIBA World Cup and the possibility that the Spurs might open up their season on the road rather than the usual defending champions opening the season at home.

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