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Defensive ability, and lack of maturity reason for lack of interest in Michael Beasley

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Maturity and lack of focus are once again the primary concerns in Miami's reluctance to bring back forward Michael Beasley.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

As per the Miami Herald's "Buzz Blog" written by Barry Jackson, light was shed on the Heat's reluctance to re-sign Michael Beasley for the coming season. According to Jackson, a veteran NBA scout was questioned as to why Shawne Williams was signed over Michael Beasley (who many view as a better overall player). Jackson responded saying:

"A person with direct knowledge cited several reasons for the Heat's lack of interest: Inconsistency, lack of trust in his defense (and ability to execute the Heat's defensive system), and maturity/focus issues, which are still a concern even though he improved somewhat in that regard last season."

Once again it seems as if Beasley's attitude, and focus have removed him from Miami's future plans. Last season Beasley averaged 7.9 points, 0.7 assists, and 3.9 rebounds per contest and while finding a place in Miami's rotation early in the season, seemed to disappear in the latter part of the year. Beasley of course has been an issue for many NBA clubs after being traded by Miami in 2010 and it appears as if he doesn't care to mature. It's essential to note that Beasley has been with the club in the past, and for them to have distrust in him still, is a major issue. It was of course revealed recently that LeBron was displeased in Beasley's lack of focus, justifying his removal from the rotation.

From Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe:

The summer should be an interesting one for former second overall pick Michael Beasley, who is a free agent and is not likely to return to Miami after a disappointing second stint with the club. NBA sources said James was not pleased with Beasley’s focus and he lost the confidence of coach Erik Spoelstra shortly into the season. In one sequence that typified his career, Beasley swooped in for a tip-dunk in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. On the Spurs’ next possession, Beasley got lost on a pick-and-roll, allowing Diaw an open 3-pointer, which of course he swished. Beasley is likely to get a one-year deal on the open market and his past year in Miami did little to help his reputation.

While Miami have told Beasley in the past that the door isn't closed for his return, he's since worked out with the Lakers and it seems as if Miami is not overly concerned with re-signing him. While Beasley would of course be beneficial as an offensive showman, his lack of defense would be a major concern for this Miami team. The Lakers however who are in basketball purgatory at this point could benefit from his skills. As aforementioned, Beasley has spent a huge portion of his career in South Beach and if the staff (who are very familiar with him) are voicing concerns then it's a safe bet to assume he's not fit for the current roster. At this point in August (and the fact that Shawne Williams is sporting his number 8) I think it's safe to assume that the Beasley era in Miami has come to a close.