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Team USA dominates Finland with 114-55 win in FIBA opener

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Team USA wasn't messing around, and they opened group play with a 114-55 win over Finland. Klay Thompson led Team USA with 18 points.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It started out looking like group play wasn't going to be a breeze for Team USA. With Finland on tap, and not much on their roster to make anyone worried, USA opened with only an 11-8 lead. But quickly, Finland, who doesn't play great defense started to let the Americans run away with it. Then they stopped playing offense.

USA led 31-16 after the first quarter, and then the turned the burners on. Finland only scored 2 points (no field goals) in the second quarter (outscored 29-2)! USA led 60-18 at halftime and it was over both physically and mentally. The constant push of pressure defense combined with some sloppy play from Finland just made this a no-contest win for USA.

They won the game 114-55.

It was an all around effort for USA as all 12 players scored. Again, it was Anthony David who led the charge with his 17 points on 6-8 FG. Davis is budging into an NBA superstar before our eyes. Often he becomes the focal point of the offense and the difference he makes defensively is incredible. He will be a force to be reckoned with, luckily he is in the Western Conference.

Finland never could get anything going, especially in the first half. Gerald Lee, one of their best players had 3 fouls within the first 3 minutes. 5 fouls gets you out of the game in FIBA play. They had three players in double figures.

Klay Thompson topped all scorers with 18 points on 7-10 FG. Also in double figures was Derrick Rose with 12 and Rudy Gay with 10 points. One of the best things about Team USA is their energy and that was no different in this game. Everyone who played gave it their all.

There's a lot to watch here, even though there are no Heat players in the FIBA games. With the return of Derrick Rose, to the continual growth of Kyrie Irving, the roster has a lot of implications to the league. Plus, the games are really fun to watch.

Same time, same place tomorrow as Team USA takes on Turkey for another group play game. They will then play on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before the Round of 16 starts.