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Details emerge on Dwyane Wade's wedding

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With guests on lock down and fans hoping for news, details have emerged about Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union's wedding, aka The Wade Union.


Details about The Wade Union have finally emerged.  "A source" has informed Gossip Extra that the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade and actress Gabrielle Union have spent $5 million on their elaborate wedding weekend. The theme is Old-Florida and along with all the Miami Heat guests in attendance there will be multiple Heat references in the decor.

According to the report, guests were to meet at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach at 3pm but had no idea where they would be going.  Fancy buses would pick them up and take them to a $13 million mansion in the rural Redlands, difficult to access by car and surrounded by a moat, at a venue called the Chateau Artisan.  At exactly 6:30pm, the bride and groom were scheduled to fly in from Wade’s home in Miami Beach and the ceremony is to take place in one of the two gazebos that extend out into the water.


The themed bars will include signs like "The Battier Bar" for Shane Battier, "Bar Melo" as in Carmelo Anthony, "Bosh’s Brewery" for Chris Bosh and "Ray’s Retirement Home" for Ray Allen. Lastly, "Cleveland, This Way" will be hanging for you know who (and company.)

While the themed bars sound almost too funny to be real (we have yet to verify any of this) it is definitely in keeping with the jocular tendencies of this happy couple.  Hopefully these details will keep fans from wandering aimlessly around South Beach in hopes of tracking down the Miami Heat’s true royal wedding.

Check out more extensive and exclusive details from the Gossip Extra. Hot Hot Hoops will keep you updated as more information comes out.