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Ray Allen speaks out about free agency and possible return

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Ray Allen hosted his annual charity golf event and spoke out about his free agency and what's to come for him.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

At 39 years old, Ray Allen is still considering a return to the NBA for his 20th season. After playing for Milwaukee, Seattle, Boston and Miami, Allen is still a wanted commodity in the league because of his 3-point striking ability.

Allen hosted his annual charity event at the TPC River Highlands Hartford Course in Cromwell, CT. Allen is hoping to raise enough money to put a computer lab in every middle school in Connecticut.

Shortly before he teed off, Allen spoke to the Boston Herald about his future. He had some very interesting things to say about them. Allen has been linked to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers as the only team that he would make a return for to chase a third NBA title. But Allen wasn't so shy to say that's all been made up by the media.

"No," he said when asked about the assumption that he would return as a Cavalier. "There's so much speculation about me going to Cleveland. I haven't even decided where I will play. Obviously LeBron and I are great friends, and James Jones and I are really close. But at no point have those two tried to push me in that direction. I haven't had that conversation. LeBron and I went on vacation to the Bahamas earlier this summer, and we didn't talk one iota about things. And that was before he made his decision.

I’m still wanted by the people I play with, still feared by the ones I play against, and feared by other teams that may want to have me on their side. -Ray Allen

"It's just what they start talking about on TV - where I'm supposed to go. I have not leaned towards Cleveland," said Allen. "I have not made any mention of going to Cleveland. These last two months were about me physically, and deciding whether I want to play again."

Ray knows that there is more to coming back than just switching teams, and that's what is also complicating his decision about returning. "That's the other dilemma. If I do play again, based on what Miami is doing or not doing, I'll end up having to move," he said. "I'll live in Miami, but I'll have to move to another team."

So take that for what you want it to mean whether the Miami Heat are still an option for Ray Allen or not. The Herald also said that Allen said he hasn't talked with Pat Riley or the Heat organization about a return. But one thing is for sure, Ray knows that he is still a valuable contribution to any team that he would join. He knows people want him.

"A lot have called. Doc called earlier in the summer," he said. "A lot of teams want to be able to get me at the veteran's minimum. I still have an ego, too. I still have a service to provide, and teams still have to pay me what I feel my presence is worth. I have to take that into consideration, if it's worth putting my body through what it will take over 82 games."

It seems Ray still has a lot of things to consider and determine about his future. But it doesn't seem likely that the Heat are in those plans. But who knows. Ray mentioned that he wants a good coach and a clearly defined role.

We will keep following Ray Allen and his decision.