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Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union share photos of honeymoon vacation

What do you do after throwing a lavish Hollywood-themed wedding? Drift off to a tropical honeymoon getaway, of course.

Dwyane Wade Instagram

Dwyane Wade and newlywed Gabrielle Union were active on social media Wednesday as they spent their honeymoon in a tropical paradise following their Labor Day weekend nuptials.

The couple had every wedding guest check in their phones and cameras at the gate and were able to, by and large, control which images were to be released. Only a select few professionally-shot images have been shared by Wade since.

The couple appear happy and perhaps relieved that they can now enjoy the relaxing part of their "union" before their busy schedules start up again.

Miami Heat training camp begins September for Wade. The always in demand Union will continue working on her show Being Mary Jane and is also set to star alongside Taye Diggs in the upcoming comedy Mr. Doula.