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Is Andray Blatche headed to Miami?

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Blatche was headed out of Spain and into Miami, and sources confirm that he is in fact in talks with the Heat. Blatche would be a tremendous addition, and could ultimately be a cure to the center woes.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Following the FIBA World Cup, Nets Daily reported that free agent Andray Blatche was stopped at the airport and confirmed that he was in fact headed to Miami.

While many might chalk his trip to Miami up as a simple trip back home (he lives in South Florida during the offseason), TJ Manotoc (one of the top Filipino sports journalists) was the one who stopped Blatche and confirmed through various Tweets that this trip was in fact all business. According to Manotoc, Blatche is headed to South Florida to negotiate a contract with Miami.

If Miami elects to sign Blatche, it would be an intelligent move to strengthen their roster at the center position. It's no secret that over the last four years the Heat have been extremely weak at center and Blatche (although underrated by most) would be a welcome addition to the roster. His presence would of course free up Chris Bosh to remove himself from the role, and thus allow Bosh to return to his scoring roots.

Blatche is a very good player, he's removed himself from the atrocious season with Washington and has proven his worth throughout his time in Brooklyn. Blatche has kept himself in peak shape all summer as he played for the Philippines during the FIBA World Cup. Blatche was phenomenal during the World Cup putting up a stat line of 21.2 points and 13.8 boards in five games.

His play in the tournament alone warrants an NBA contract, but it's also worth looking the time he spent with the Nets. Last season In Brooklyn, Blatche averaged 11.2 points, and 5.2 points and proved he was more than capable of handling a starting center's workload in Brook Lopez's absence. While Blatche is not at all a defensive mastermind, his offensive skill is definitely alluring, especially in the post-LeBron era.

Albeit a troubled past, I think Blatche would be an exceptional addition to the Miami Heat, and hope they can reach a deal. At this point it's apparent that we aren't re-signing Beasley, Oden or even Ray Allen and it's definitely time to start filling out the roster with those who want to compete.

Blatche is passionate, and I have no doubt that if signed he'll feed off the love South Florida gives their team, and it should be a sight to see.