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This week in Heat basketball

The Miami Heat are wrapping up their 5-game road trip this week. So let's take a look at what's ahead and get some advice playing FanDuel.

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After a poor display against the Blazers, the Heat rebounded well and beat the Clippers on Sunday to even up their play on the road trip. This week, three games: all out west.

Let's take a look at their schedule, the match-ups to keep an eye on and some FanDuel advice.

Miami @ L.A. Lakers

DETAILS: Tuesday, 10:30 PM EST

After the way the Heat played on Sunday, and have consecutive games in L.A. you would think this is a very winnable game for them. Maybe they have turned the corner, made some changes. Or maybe they will play Hassan Whiteside more. Either way, the Lakers are struggling, yet so are the Heat.

The key to this game will be whether Kobe Bryant plays or not. Bryant has been hurt and resting, but will probably be ready for this one. Carlos Boozer is new for the Lakers, and knows plenty about Miami. He's usually had good games against the Heat. This should be a game that Whiteside can be effective again, and I expect Dwyane Wade to come out under the bright lights of Hollywood.

FanDuel Advice: It seems right now for the price, Hassan Whiteside is a good shot. He hasn't been slowing down and the Lakers don't provide an up front opposition to Hassan. He's a good play unless FD jacks up his price. And knowing how things go for the Heat, Swaggy P will probably drop 30.

Miami @ Golden State

DETAILS: Wednesday, 10:30 PM EST

If there was ever a game that you could chalk up as a loss before you even get to it for the Heat, it's probably this one. Not only is Golden State the best team in the league right now, but the Heat aren't. And Miami will be playing a back-to-back and on day 8 of their west coast trip. Talk about being against the fences.

The Heat played the Warriors well earlier this season in Miami but fell apart down the stretch. They'll have to worry about Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and a host of other offensive issues. The Heat will need to learn some new energy levels to keep up in Oakland. It's not impossible, but it will be a really hard game to come away with a win. Both Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have to lead by example and hope that someone else has a break out game.

FanDuel Advice: This one can likely get out of hand early, so it's hard to tell the minutes the guys will play but Curry will be good and I think an underrated guy to keep an eye on will be Draymond Green. He'll have a good game. Other advice: don't play Norris Cole.

Miami @ Sacramento

DETAILS: Friday, 10:00 PM EST

The Kings may not be overly impressive with their record, but they put up a fight. DeMarcus Cousins will be the biggest problem for the Heat, and he has been having a great year. This will be the Heat's last stop on the trip, and 10 days away from home. They'll be tired, but hopefully motivated to end the trip well before going home with a few days rest.

The advantage that the Heat will need to exploit will be Chris Bosh. As long as Chris Andersen starts next to him, Bosh is having more favorable match-ups against power forwards. Here Jason Thompson and Carl Landry will be the opposition. But, if the Heat want to be successful, Luol Deng will also have to do a good job on Rudy Gay.

FanDuel Advice: DeMarcus Cousins will probably have a good game here, he's a good play. But I also like Dwyane Wade in this match-up. I think Wade will be due to end the trip with a solid night.


Disclosure: Remember, even though FanDuel sponsors this post, all the opinions and insights are my own. FanDuel has given me a little bit of money to start playing already.

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The Best night to play this week: Friday, January 16. 26 of the 30 NBA teams will be in action that night so there's plenty of players to choose from.

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