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Heat Links: Miami taking it slow, Wade injured

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Today's links take a look at how Miami is dealing with Wade's injury, how they're taking it slow and why they should at least look at trading Deng.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Heat have won two straight, and notwithstanding an injury to Dwyane Wade it seems as if the Heat are becoming competitive once again. As we await the next contest against the Warriors here is some reading to keep you occupied.

Heat Links:

  • Ira Winderman takes a look at how Miami is moving slow and steady,and why it's working. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Tom Sunnergren explains why the Heat should at least explore trading Luol Deng [Bleacher Report]
  • Wade re-injured his hammy last night, Michael Wallace explains [ESPN]

What's going on around the league?

  • Tristan Thompson turned down $52 million over four years from the Cavs [PBT]
  • Knicks and Amar'e have discussed buy out [PBT]
  • Prokhorov wants to sell the Nets [ESPN]