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Forget Brook Lopez. Should Miami look at Nate Robinson?

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Miami has found a rising center in Hassan Whiteside, and with a problem at the point guard position it might be time to give free agent Nate Robinson a hard look.

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As trade talks heat up revolving around Miami's involvement in a deal for Brook Lopez, I can't help but wonder if that's the wrong move for the Heat at this time. While having a reliable center would certainly help Miami in their future endeavours (especially with a former All-Star) it just seems unneeded especially with Hassan Whiteside playing so well at the moment. With that being said, Miami does have another area to improve, that being the point guard area. While Mario Chalmers is more than capable of stellar play (more-so when Dwyane Wade is injured) but he is by no means a reliable option. The same goes for Norris Cole who had full opportunity to make his case as an important piece for the Heat offense as a starter earlier in the season. I won't include Shabazz Napier in this discussion (even though he's back in the rotation for the time being) as he's been consistently bounced from Miami to Sioux Falls.

In an average of 30 minutes per contest, 'Rio is averaging 10.5 points, and 4.3 assists all while shooting a the worst three point percentage of his career at 27%. These numbers are hardly worthy of a starting position, and certainly make him expendable. The same goes for Norris Cole who in 25 minutes per game is also averaging his lowest 3 point percentage ever (24.7%) along with 6.5 points per game and 3.5 assists. It's unclear as to why Miami's point guards have been so inconsistent, considering the bigger roles they had been given in the wake of LeBron's departure. In any case, this of course leaves the option of signing Nate Robinson a small guard, who would no doubt help Miami combat their point guard woes.

It's worth noting that Nate Robinson had not played much for coach Brian Shaw this season. This of course could have been a response to Nate just coming back from an ACL tear, or something else entirely. This season in 14 minutes per game Robinson managed to put up a decent stat line of 5.8 points, and 2.3 assists. Not that far off of Norris Cole's numbers in 10 less minutes of action. However, I don't think it's fair to judge Nate Robinson on such a small sample size, and instead prefer to draw a similarity to the role he might have if he does find himself in Miami, and the best comparison comes from his time in Chicago. With Derrick Rose injured and Robinson thrust into the spotlight, he thrived. Robinson managed to put up 13.5 points per game, 4.4 assists, all while shooting nearly 40% from beyond the arc. There is no doubt in my mind the Robinson wouldn't find similar minutes to what he played with Chicago if he joined Miami (26.6) and thus he should be able to put up similar performances. Taking a look at StatMuses' shot chart (with my edits) from Robinson's time with the Bulls you can tell that he's more than capable of being a good scorer for Miami.

Nate Robinson is one of the hardest workers in the NBA and a veteran (both facts that Pat Riley adores), at his height you have to be.

Although he may be frustrating at times, his skill set is what the Miami Heat need if Wade's hamstring becomes a larger issue than it is right now. Miami needs to make a final push in order to achieve a stronger seeding in the playoffs, and Nate Robinson could help them in that aspect. I'm a firm believer in not messing with something that's working (Hassan Whiteside) but the problem lies in Miami's point guards and it's critical that Miami mends the issue immediately. So I ask again, why not Nate Robinson?