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Heat Playoff Watch - A look at the current NBA standings

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Taking a look at all teams of the NBA and how they currently place in the standings.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

First let's glance at our own backyard.

The Miami Heat fell once again, this time against the Charlotte Hornets 78-76 and remain #7 in the Eastern Conference and 3.5 games behind Milwaukee for the 6th seed. If the NBA Playoffs started today, the Heat would be playing the Washington Wizards and probably losing in 5 games.

Up next is the Pacers without Hassan Whiteside. This should be fun.

Here's what the rest of the Eastern Conference looks like.

The Hawks have become the East version of the Spurs, relying on ball movement more than star talent. Last night they destroyed the Pacers 110-91 and won their 14th in a row, reaching a franchise record. The question becomes come playoff time, can this team win without a star on the team?

The Wizards got beat by Kevin Durant last night. The same Durant they want to come back home in 2016. Can Washington get far in the playoffs? It's funny to me how a 2nd seeded Wizards team lost to a Thunder team that currently isn't in the playoff picture. Adam Silver any day might rename this conference "The Leastern Conference".

The Raptors out-rebounded the Grizzlies, but even then lost to Marc Gasol and company 92-86 last night. Neither Drake nor Justin Timberlake could be reached for reaction.

The Chicago Bulls have lost four the past five games and playing the Spurs tonight doesn't help matters. The Bulls have Derrick Rose playing but need Mike Dunleavy and Joakim Noah back desperately. What do you think about the teams performance so far Mr. Rose?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on a roll as of late, and it's no suprise the return of LeBron James has a lot to do with it. LeBron has gotten back to being scary good on both sides of the floor. How scary? Well..

Rumor is when LeBron was down here in Miami rehabilitating, he reached out to Ray Allen about playing for Cleveland. Good luck on getting Ray out of a golf course bro. Shawn Marion also decided that this season will be his last no matter the result.

We're halfway through the NBA Season and the two teams that were supposed to play in the Eastern Conference Finals (Chicago and Cleveland) would be playing as #4 vs #5 if the playoffs started today.

News on the Milwaukee Bucks? Giannis Antetokounmpo is rumored to be in the Dunk Contest and he's trying to get at Irina Shayk. That is all

The New York Knicks played the Philadelphia 76ers in the Tank Series and won 98-91.

Now for the Bestern Conference!! I mean Western. Sorry. Here's how it looks.

The Golden State Warriors are the team just about everyone would love to see in the Finals for sheer entertainment purposes. About 240 points were scored last night as Golden State beat Houston 126-113.

The Rockets tried to get into Stephen Curry's head by being physical and Curry did at one point lash out, but the Warriors simply played their league dominating basketball and pulled out the win. The Rockets can try to be bullies all they want, they don't look like they'll get past the first round again. As for the Warriors, can they win a series over a Spurs or Thunder team in the first round? Because as you know, the playoffs are a whole new pace.

Dallas got Rajon Rondo, won three in a row and yet only remain #4 in this stacked Western Conference. They beat the Minnesota Timberwolves last night. Oh and did you see the Rondo move?

The LA Clippers host the Nets tonight. Should be an easy win. Remember Staples Center to keep playing 2pac for DeAndre Jordan:

The Spurs will play at Chicago tonight. Is anyone even remotely concerned about the playoff standings for San Antonio? They are just an example of how seeds 1-8 in the West can ALL get to the NBA Finals.

The OKC Thunder aren't in the playoffs but they'll definitely make it by season's end, along with possibly upsetting the Warriors if they draw that first-round match up. Kevin Durant was cheered as he played in Washington last night. Oh and he had this facial on Marcin Gortat!

As we head into All-Star break, the Bulls and Cavs are trying to recover from early season woes and the Western Conference continues to prove that just about every team is elite.

That was your weekly recap of the NBA playoff picture. See you next Thursday morning.