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Weekend Heat Links: Is Bosh not living up to his contract?

This weekend's special edition of Heat links takes a look at Wade's fine, the departure of Tyler Johnson, a feature on Whiteside, the answers the Heat desperately seek and a look at why Chris Bosh isn't delivering.

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Wade and Bosh were probably snubbed as All-Star starters, I'm not happy about it and I'm sure you guys are pretty bummed too. However, as we move into the weekend I realize you all have been living without your Miami Heat links and thus I've found a lot of reading that should interest you all.

Heat Links

  • Dwyane Wade flipped some people off, it only cost him $15,000 dollars. Sometimes I'm happy I don't play in the NBA. Ira Winderman has more on the fine. [Sun Sentinel]
  • Tyler Johnson is gone after barely anytime with the Heat and it's too bad since he has some real potential. More on that here. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • I know he was injured recently, but Basketball Insiders had a very good feature on Hassan Whiteside [Basketball Insiders]
  • Pat Riley insists the Heat are playoff worthy [Yahoo]
  • Joseph Goodman believes the Miami Heat are still looking for answers. [Miami Herald]
  • Dan Favale thinks that Bosh isn't living up to his contract. [Bleacher Report]

Heat Media

What's going on around the league

Baxter Holmes has a great piece on how Nikola Vucevic is thriving in the league after surviving a horrific train crash that killed 47 nine years ago [ESPN]

GQ writer,  Bethlehem Shoals analyzes how Kevin Durant and LeBron James became 2015's unexpected underdogs [GQ]