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After Whiteside's dominating performance, today was a good day

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Hassan Whiteside gives hope to the Miami Heat and their fans that the team has truly found the dominant big man they desperately needed.

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Today was a good day.

A good day because yesterday was an even better one.

Only Ice Cube can define the feeling I have right now because Hassan Whiteside is wearing a Miami Heat jersey. Chris Bosh was an All Star yesterday. Dwyane Wade made you forget who Jimmy Butler was. Luol Deng and Mario Chalmers left their marks as well. But only one player has the sports world talking today: Hassan Whiteside.

Today is a good day.. because he messed around and got a triple double.

This guy isn't just producing but everyone around him is benefiting from his production. The Chicago Bulls were coming off beating the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks before this loss. It's safe to say the Miami Heat have finally stumbled on gold after years of not having that young up and coming player during the veteran-heavy LeBron James-led teams. Shabazz Napier and James Ennis offer glimpses of the future but it's been Whiteside who lets us as media and fans marvel at the present.

Was this his best game? No, statistically, that came against Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan when the Heat beat the L.A. Clippers on the road. This was the game where Whiteside came out to the national audience. A guy that only a few months ago was working on his game in a gym without a single team calling for him. Now teams have to game plan against him. He's traveled from China to Lebanon through different teams in the D-League. Based on his play now, he'll never go back. So how has Hassan Whiteside influenced Miami?

Miami this season has struggled to find it's defensive identity. Many plays have resulted in easy baskets because the lack of execution from players. These struggles especially become apparent in the 2nd half and have been the reason for many losses this season.

The influence of Hassan has made quite an impact on the defensive end though. He is actually asking his teammates to let players drive right at him. Whiteside has embraced the challenge of any one attempting to drive no matter how athletic, even it means he may end on a poster. This confidence has the Heat focused in on perimeter defense knowing that the last line of defense is a 7 foot giant with the abilty to change shots. "Block everything" was the only piece of advice Dwyane Wade offered Whiteside in the game against the Bulls, and boy did the man take that to heart.

As long as Coach Erik Spoelstra and President Pat Riley are here, Miami will always be a team built on defense. Now the second coming of Alonzo Mourning is here to imprint that company line.

We've all seen Dwight Howard and Javale McGee block shots. They want to make the highlight block and send the ball as far up to the stands as possible. Whiteside continues to block all his shots downward in attempt to continue the play. You can't teach height and Whiteside continues to impress everyone around him. Keep in mind this is an athlete without a training camp or pre-season in Miami. This is him with just raw ability. Imagine what's to come?

Lastly, Whiteside's biggest draw to him has been his way of speaking. Yesterday he made a comment about how he played so well to improve his 2k ratings. He tweeted back in October 2011, "Man that's crazy 2k12 gave me a rating of a mascot. They should of just left me injured like I was in the season damn lol" You see that lol in the end? He wasn't really laughing out loud there. Hassan Whiteside is playing with just a rage against the league and now against NBA 2k14. This is a kid who at 25 was written off as a projected big man that wouldn't get anywhere. Every single play has him going at max speed because he feels as if he owes back to the Heat for believing in him.

The future for Hassan Whiteside can be amazing for Miami. He is the 2015 1st round draft pick. He can be the 2016 Free Agent if this keeps up. As we continue to become excited about the potential of Whiteside, lets just be happy for what he brings the day after victories.

The good days. Yes.

Today was a good day.