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This week in Heat basketball

Let's take a look at what's ahead for the Miami Heat this week and also give you some advice playing FanDuel.

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The Miami Heat are coming off two good victories over the Pacers and the Bulls. They've got Hassan Whiteside back and are ready to make a move forward in the Eastern Conference. Let's take a look at what's ahead for them.

Milwaukee @ Miami

DETAILS: Tuesday, 7:30 PM EST

Their first chance to move ahead on the standings, at least make some moves will be facing the team that's right in front of them. The Bucks are 2 games ahead of the Heat for 6th in the East. Without Jabari Parker, the Heat have a chance to move closer to taking over the Bucks if they play well. Milwaukee has already won once here in Miami this season.

The Heat will have to deal with Brandon Knight who was the catalyst for the win last time in Miami. Milwaukee sports several young talented players who will give their best effort and the Heat will have to match. This is simply one of those games that Miami has to win, no matter what. They can't give up more home losses to non-contending teams.

FanDuel Advice: I see no reason why you should be riding Hassan Whiteside's fantasy tail here. He's still an affordable player, and he should pick up great numbers as long as he isn't in foul trouble. Play Whiteside, and I would also give Giannis Antetokounmpo a look here.

Dallas @ Miami

DETAILS: Friday, 8:00 PM EST

One of the Heat's most impressive wins this season came beating the Dallas Mavericks on the road earlier (way earlier) this season. Now, Dallas has Rajon Rondo (who hates Miami) as their starting point guard. Dallas is a good team, but Miami should be plenty rested spending the entire week at home with also 2 days off in between games.

This will be the toughest challenge for Hassan Whiteside. Tyson Chandler is no joke, and will make Hassan work for everything. This will be a game that the Heat have to get extra efforts from Luol Deng in addition to great games from Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. This will need to be an all out team effort to get the win.

FanDuel Advice: For fantasy purposes, I like the option of Monta Ellis here. Sometimes he's expensive, but this seems like a game he could play really well in. Also, I do expect Dwyane Wade to play well, you just have to determine if he is worth the asking price.

Miami @ Boston

DETAILS: Sunday, 1:00 PM EST

Miami hits the road again to take on the Celtics. Boston has shipped off both Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green. They are going with youth and looking to rebuild. Still, for this Heat team, this isn't a gimme game. Miami is still going to have to work for everything, and the people in Boston probably still hate Wade for hurting Rondo.

This is a game that Whiteside has potential to put up big numbers again. Boston doesn't have anyone that can match what he's doing. Wade has struggled notoriously in Boston, and it had a lot to do with Averley Bradley. Let's see if the Heat can get another strong road win.

FanDuel Advice: I would play both Whiteside and Chris Bosh if possible. Boston's interior is not something to be scared of and even the Heat can take advantage.

Then, make sure you tune in to watch the Super Bowl!


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