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Tuesday Heat Links: It's Whiteside mania in Miami

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Today's links take a look at Hassan Whiteside and how he's coping with his newfound superstardom as well as what has been said about him around the Miami organization.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It took one nationally televised game for the world to learn what we already know, Hassan Whiteside has limitless potential and is realizing it. As the Heat prepare to take on the Bucks, here is some reading on the rising star, and the Heat in general to keep you occupied.

Heat Tweets

  • Ira Winderman looks to see if the Heat can survive with only various tweaks to the roster. [Sun Sentinel]
  • Hassan Whiteside is surrounded by mentors in the Miami Heat organization, Joseph Goodman takes a look at how he's utilizing the resources that have been presented to him [Miami Herald]
  • Dwyane Wade believes the sky is the limit for Hassan Whiteside [Miami Herald]

What's happening around the league

  • Looks like Seattle basketball won't be back anytime soon as $220m plans for a new arena have appeared [ ESPN}
  • The Piston's won't sacrifice their future pick for a playoff spot this season [ PBT]
  • Lionel Hollins hates advanced stats, probably because they don't put his team in the best perspective... [PBT]
  • Kobe has opted to get rotator cuff surgery and is assumably out until next season [