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Miami Heat to sign Tyler Johnson to second 10-day contract

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The Miami Heat will finalize a second 10-day contract with Tyler Johnson before the weekend.

Tyler Johnson has been away from the Heat for a week now after his 10-day contract expired last Wednesday. Now, it seems the Miami Heat are willing to offer him a second 10-day contract starting either Thursday or Friday this week.

After that, Johnson will no longer be allowed to sign a 10-day contract with the Heat. Miami must either sign him for the remainder of the season, or let him go his own way.

Johnson didn't get much of a chance to showcase anything on a real NBA court when he was with the Heat previously. Spoelstra hinted how the Heat like Johnson, his versatility as a guard, and his ability to create.

The Heat's most glaring weakness is a back-up shooting guard, which is where Johnson fits. The only question remains is whether or not Johnson is the right guy for that position, or should the Heat be looking somewhere else.

The Heat already have 14 players with contracts guaranteed for the rest of the season, including Hassan Whiteside (who isn't going anywhere) and Justin Hamilton. The Heat released Andre Dawkins earlier this season to create roster flexibility, in which they have used to sign Johnson twice now.

It does seem likely the Heat would like to keep that same flexibility moving forward as buyout season looks post All-Star break. But for now, it looks like the Heat want more of a chance to evaluate whether or not Johnson can fit into this roster.

We will keep you updated when Johnson signs.


The Miami Heat officially signed Tyler Johnson on Thursday morning.