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Five Stars: Bucks 109, Heat 102

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The Bucks put last night's game against the Heat away with just under four minutes remaining with a 17-5 run. Who were the standouts?

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

I used the GameScore metric available at to rank last night's participants.

First Star

Mario Chalmers (MIA) 19.4

Chalmers came alive for 12 points in the third quarter to power his way to the first star. He totaled 21 points on six-of-nine shooting in his 34:18, also making eight-of-12 free throws on the night. He drained one-of-three from outside, dished out eight assists, grabbed two rebounds, and even blocked a shot. He finished his night with an even rating, five fouls and a turnover.

Second Star

Jerryd Bayless (MIL) 15.5

Bayless, a 6'3 guard out of the University of Arizona, earned the second star of the night with a combination of efficiency, spark and hustle off the bench. He ranked sixth on the team with 21:51 on the floor, but scored 15 points on a six-of-eight clinic, making his only three-pointer. He made two-of-four from the line, making seven assists and collecting four boards to a game-high plus-20 rating. He was also whistled for four fouls.

They believe in one another and they believe they can win. Even when we were down, guys didn't panic, guys didn't take bad shots, our defense tightened up and we went from there. - Bucks coach Jason Kidd

Third Star

Chris Bosh (MIA) 15.4

Bosh played 35:39, and scored a game-high 26 points on 10-for-19 shooting, with a 50% success rate on his four three point shot attempts. He made four of his six attempts from the foul line, and collected four rebounds with one assist. Like Chalmers, he posted an even rating, with one foul and two turnovers.

It's just so disappointing and difficult not to be at full strength or at least 75 percent. And we don't have room for injury. - Bosh

Fourth Star (tie)

Hassan Whiteside (MIA) 13.7

Whiteside made six-of-12 from the field and all four of his foul shots to score 16, cleaning up the boards with a game-high 16 rebounds on the night. He had a steal, an assist, zero blocks (huh?), five fouls and two turnovers. Like Bosh and Chalmers (and Dwyane Wade for that matter), he finished the game with an even rating.

We're not feeling sorry for ourselves. Nobody's feeling sorry for us. - Heat coach Erik Spoelstra

Fourth Star (tie)

Brandon Knight (MIL) 13.7

Knight, a 6'3" point guard out of University of Kentucky, scored 17 points on just five-for-13 shooting on the night, and closed the game at minus-6. He also drained three-of-five from deep, made all four of his foul shots, dished out six assists, nabbed three steals, and secured two rebounds. He turned the ball over four times and did not commit a foul in his 38:09.

Honorable Mention

Khris Middleton (MIL) 13.1

Middleton shared the Milwaukee team lead by scoring 17 points on a very efficient seven-of-nine effort, including three-of-four from beyond the arc in just over 30 minutes on the night.

The Rest

Danny Granger (MIA) 13.5
Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) 12.7
OJ Mayo (MIL) 10.5
John Henson (MIL) 9.7
Jared Dudley (MIL) 8.9
Dwyane Wade (MIA) 8.4
Norris Cole (MIA) 5.7
Zaza Pachulia (MIL) 3.5
Udonis Haslem (MIA) 0.9
Ersan Ilyasova (MIL) 0.9
Kenyon Martin (MIL) 0.8
James Ennis (MIA) -0.7
Shawne Williams (MIA) -2.3

Dog of the Night

Shabazz Napier (MIA) -1.7

Napier only played 9:18, and actually got onto the scoresheet by hitting one of his three shots, dishing out two helpers. In his limited time, he managed to turn the ball over three times and commit a foul. It's the seventh game this season, and the second time in a row that Napier has finished with a GameScore below zero.